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The Queen of Clean

If you don't get it real, you won't get it right!!
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Life is Funny

Being able to do life on your own terms is not always possible. Chelle T has been able to not only master the art, she shares it all with audiences across the country. The best comedy is true life and real life is really funny. Chelle T wears many hats and she talks about it in the most hilarious way.

With 20+ years of comedy under her belt Chelle T has taken her comedic skills and have applied them to skits, stage plays, and even a feature film called "Restored Me". Her voice is clear and ready to bring you to side bending laughter or even jerk a few tears depending on what she's laid out in front of you. When ever you get an opportunity to be a part of this comedic phenom, don't hesitate to jump on board and go for the ride.   



Chelle T's Funny Clips